RO Booster Pumps

RO Booster Pumps

Find an RO booster pump to increase the water pressure of your reverse osmosis system at Finest Filters. Reverse osmosis, or RO, is used to clean tap water by removing certain minerals and ions from your water before you drink it. Using an RO booster pump can help to improve the efficiency of this process.

A reverse osmosis booster pump can be particularly useful if your mains water pressure is low, as this can mean any water that’s being filtered won’t be quite as clean and pure as it could be. By using an RO booster pump, you can significantly increase the amount of cleaner water that’s produced by your RO unit. 

Help to remove more contaminants from unfiltered water with an RO booster pump from Finest Filters, where the range includes a choice of E-Chen Self Regulating RO Booster Pumps, which come complete with a transformer and a 3 pin UK plug, so you can start using yours straight away. Choose from models that can filter 50gpd (gallons per day), 75gpd, 100gpd, 200gpd, or 400gpd, depending on how much water you need to filter. Contact us if you’re not sure which reverse osmosis booster pump you need.

Each of our RO booster pumps also comes with 2 x ¼” push fittings, so it’s easy to connect your reverse osmosis booster pump to your RO unit via a simple push fit connection.

Our reverse osmosis range also includes RO units, RO membranes, and RO filters. Shop our full reverse osmosis collection today.

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  1. E-Chen Self Regulating Reverse Osmosis RO Booster Pump With Transformer
    E-Chen Self Regulating Reverse Osmosis RO Booster Pump With Transformer
    100 % of 100
    As low as £59.99

    The E-Chen self-regulating booster pumps are a newer model pump which will automatically stabilise the outlet pressure at 70psi when the inlet pressure is between 10-40psi. The consistent output pressure gives the advantage of prolonged RO membrane life.

    We have these pumps available in 5 different models – 50gpd, 75gpd, 100gpd, 200gpd and 400gpd. Please select the model required from the drop down menu when ordering.

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  2. 100gpd Reverse Osmosis RO Booster Pump
    100gpd Reverse Osmosis RO Booster Pump
    75 % of 100

    You are purchasing a high quality 100gpd Reverse Osmosis / RO booster pump.

    This pump comes complete with 2 x 1/4" push fittings, allowing a simple push fit connection into this unit, meaning addition to any existing RO unit is easy. This unit is also supplied complete with transformer

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