Deionisation and DI Resin

Deionisation and DI Resin

Interested in making your drinking water as pure and as healthy as possible? Using a Reverse Osmosis unit will ensure your water is filtered to the best possible form. Pure water means healthy and safe water - free of contaminants, toxins and other nasties - suitable for everyday use. To ensure your RO unit is working at its best, you’ll need DI resin. Deionisation is a resin based filtration process which removes all dissolved solids from your water. It works by attracting non-water ions and replacing them with water ions. This leads to an incredibly pure and high quality water.

Finest Filters offers the best Deionisation (DI) Resin and RO Resin filters as an ideal replacement resin for your RO unit. We sell resin holders and compartments which can be opened and filled with DI resin when needed. If your current RO unit doesn't have a DI stage, you can also opt for the DI chamber which includes housing, resin holder, resin, connectors and tubing. Luckily, all of our DI Resin and RO Resin are compatible with all RO holders. 

Need to stock up on DI resin for your Reverse Osmosis unit? Or maybe you need a resin holder as well? Browse our range of DI resin products below. You can also enjoy same-day despatch on orders placed before 4pm – with no minimum order quantity. If you need any more information about our products or what stock we have available, contact our team today. We would be happy to help!

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  1. 10" DI Chamber including Housing, Resin Holder, Resin, Connectors and Tubing
    10" DI Chamber including Housing, Resin Holder, Resin, Connectors and Tubing
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    This DI Unit set comprises of the following:

    1 x 10" Clear Housing.
    1 x 10" DI Resin Holder Cartridge filled with resin.
    2 x 1/4" Push Fit Connectors.
    2m length of 1/4" tubing.
    1 x Housing Spanner

    This set is an ideal DI stage to add to current Reverse Osmosis Units which do not have a DI stage. Simply take the output pipe from your membrane, and run it though this DI unit, to reduce your TDS to 0. An ideal add on for your Reverse Osmosis unit!

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