RO Accessories

RO Accessories

Find all the reverse osmosis accessories and RO system spare parts you need to keep your system functioning properly and your water clean at Finest Filters. Whether you’re looking for an RO flow restrictor or something else, browse our full collection of RO accessories and spares today. 

Our range of high-quality RO accessories includes reverse osmosis tubing in a variety of colours and sizes, designed to be used with RO units, as well as fridges, water filters, and even some lab equipment. You can also shop replacement flush valve flow restrictors for your RO unit, available in 300cc, 400cc, 550cc, or 800cc. Find the right RO flow restrictor for you in our collection - if you’re not sure which product is best suited to your needs, contact our team who’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

You can also pick up a wide variety of RO spares like RO membrane housing mounting clips, filter housing clips, replacement filter foams, and reverse osmosis hosing. Our collection also includes RO accessories like the Handheld TDS Temperature Meter, which is designed to measure the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your RO water, before you add it to your fish tank or aquarium. By doing this, you’ll be better able to see when your RO membrane needs changing. Whatever reverse osmosis accessories or RO system spare parts you’re looking for, you’ll find them at Finest Filters. 

Our RO collection also includes RO membranes, filter housings, and other types of fittings. Discover our full range of reverse osmosis accessories.

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  1. Replacement Flush Valve Flow Restrictor Assembly for Reverse Osmosis RO Unit
    Replacement Flush Valve Flow Restrictor Assembly for Reverse Osmosis RO Unit
    As low as £7.99

    This is a complete replacement flush valve flow restrictor assembly for use with any RO unit using standard ¼” pipe. This assembly is installed on the waste water line on the RO unit and allows the membrane to be backflushed to prolong its life.

    The flow restrictor is available as either 300cc, 400cc, 550cc or 800cc. Please see our recommendation for which restrictor to use depending on the size of the membrane in your system.

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  2. Ista Auto Top Off Float Valve
    Ista Auto Top Off Float Valve

    Ista Auto Top Off Valve acts as a ballcock device that cuts the water flow off when the water in a container fills to a point that the float valve is raised.

    These are incredibly handy with auto top off units (ATO’s) and when producing purified water such as Reverse Osmosis (RO).  

    The fitting these come with is a ¼” John Guest (push fit) connection which easily connects the standard ¼” RO / High Pressure tubing.


    The Ista Float Valve can be installed via a drilled hole in the container or via the hang-on bracket supplied. The float valves themselves are adjustable making them adaptable for most applications.

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