10" Granulated Carbon Filters

10" Granulated Carbon Filters

Shop reverse osmosis (RO) granulated carbon filters from Finest Filters for use with your RO unit. Our reverse osmosis carbon filters are designed to deliver the ideal balance between chlorine absorption, a high capacity for holding dirt, and brilliant value for money. Use a granulated carbon filter to keep your drinking water clear, or to benefit your pet fish in your home aquarium, fish tank, or even your garden pond. 

Our Finest Filters’ granulated carbon filters are designed to be used as replacement filters in an 10” reverse osmosis unit. Granulated activated carbon is sometimes also referred to as GAC, and is commonly used in fish tanks and home aquariums to remove chemicals such as chlorine from the water. It’s recommended that you use granulated carbon in your aquarium if you don’t already dechlorinate the tap water you top up your tank with.  Keep the water in your aquarium clear and free from contaminants so your fish can thrive with our RO carbon filters. 

We sell replacement granulated carbon filter cartridges in single packs, as well as sets of 3 and packs of 5, so you can stay stocked up. It’s advised that the RO carbon filter cartridge or pre-filter is changed every 6 months in order to keep the reverse osmosis unit running at its best, so it’s handy to have a few in your supplies cupboard for when you next need a spare. 

We also stock a 10” Jumbo Granulated Activated Carbon GAC Filter, which is designed to be used in applications where the aim is to remove chlorine, VOCs, and organic compounds from water. It contains activated coconut carbon to remove up to 99% of chlorine and any associated bad taste from your drinking water. 

Alongside RO carbon filter cartridges, our collection also includes activated carbon in bags of different sizes. Explore our full reverse osmosis collection today, or contact us if you have any questions.

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