Heavy Metal (HMA) Filtration

Heavy Metal (HMA) Filtration

If you’re worried about heavy metals in your household water supply and want the cleanest and purest water possible, heavy metal water filters can help.

You can use a HMA filter to remove chlorine, sediments, and heavy metals from your household water as part of an RO unit. For aquarium or pond owners, you can also install a HMA filter to ensure clean water for your fish tank and its inhabitants. Heavy metal water filters supplied by Finest Filters come with all relevant parts and filters included. They are easy to install, can start filtering out heavy metals straight away and can filter high volumes of water for improved water purity. 

A typical RO unit works to remove chemicals and contaminants from water. Using a HMA filter as part of your RO unit goes further to clear out potentially harmful metals like copper or lead. Although rare, these metals can be found in water supplies and using a HMA filter gives you the reassurance that your water is safe. This applies to drinking water, bathing water, or water used in appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. 

An aquarium and pond HMA filter functions in much the same way via a different method of installation, allowing you to use tap water to fill, top up, or clean your fish tank or pond. Depending on the type of fish or plant life you have, you’ll need to maintain a specific chemical level in your tank or pond. A HMA filter makes this easier, alongside other filter media. Browse heavy metal water filters today and to make sure you’re enjoying safe, clean water. 

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