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  1. 20” Jumbo Reverse Osmosis Double Housing Set With 1” Brass Ports, Bracket & Spanner

    Finest Filters 20” Jumbo Double Housing with 1” Brass Ports and Bracket

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  2. 10" Reverse Osmosis Filter Housing with 1/4" Connectors

    Finest Filters 10" Reverse Osmosis housings are suitable for use with Sediment, Carbon or Deionisation filters.

    Our housings can be retro fitted to an existing reverse osmosis installation, or can be used to replace a broken housing.

    This housing comes complete with two connectors to allow 1/4" push fit hosing to be easily inserted, for quick connection.

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  3. 10" White Reverse Osmosis Filter Housing

    Finest Filters Reverse Osmosis Housings can be used with any filter blocks, such as Sediment, Carbon block, GAC etc. If you require a De-ionisation chamber, we sell refillable resin holders which fit inside these housings.

    This housing comes complete with two screw in connectors, with a choice of 1/4" or 3/8" connectors. Please select the required option when ordering.

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  4. RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing Complete WIth All Fittings And Spanner

    You are purchasing a high quality Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing, complete with all fittings and housing spanner.

    This membrane housing will fit all standard sized membranes, (36gpd, 50gpd, 75gpd, 100gpd, 150gpd etc).

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  5. Refillable DI Resin Container (For 10" Housings)

    Finest-Filters DI Resin holders can hold any granulated filter media such as Activated Carbon or DI Resin.

    This cartridge can simply fit inside an unused RO pod on your Reverse Osmosis unit if you have one free, or if not, a standard 10" housing will be required (Available Separately).

    Please note: There is no resin included with this container. DI Resin can be purchased here.

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  6. Refillable InLine Filter Housing for DI Resin / Carbon

    Finest Filters Inline filter housings can hold any granulated filter media such as Activated Carbon or DI Resin.

    This cartridge is refillable, and comes complete with 1/4" straight fittings on each end for easy connection to standard 1/4" reverse osmosis tubing.

    This housing can be refilled and reused many times - saving you money on disposable cartridges!

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  7. 200 to 400gpd Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing with Spanner

    Our large membrane housings will accommodate a 200 to 400gpd RO membrane.

    Complete with 1/4" push fittings on the inlet and outlets, along with a housing spanner to open the housing with ease.

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  8. Refillable DI Resin Container (For 20" Housings)

    20” refillable housing suitable for holding DI resin / activated carbon or any other loose filter media.

    This is an inner housing, which will fit inside any standard 20” outer housing.

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  9. Spectrum Stainless Steel Commercial 4040 Membrane Housing

    Spectrum Stainless Steel Membrane Housings feature the True-Clamp™ Integrated Clamping System.

    These membrane housings are manufactured with 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel and are able to withstand high pressures.

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  10. Spectrum 4040 Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane and Steel Housing Kit

    Spectrum WW-4040 RO Low Pressure Membrane and WWH4040 stainless steel membrane housing set. Widely used for the filtration of water used by window cleaners to ensure spot free window cleaning finish!

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10 Items

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