Oase Filtoclear Filter Media

Oase Filtoclear Filter Media

Shop compatible Oase Filtoclear filter media from Finest Filters, where you’ll be able to find all the spare parts and replacement foams you could need to keep your filter working at its best. Make sure your garden pond filter is doing its job properly and stay well stocked with Oase Filtoclear spares. Browse our full collection today. 

Find the Right Oase Filtoclear Media For You

Our range of Oase Filtoclear filter media is designed by Finest Filters to be compatible with Filtoclear pond filters, and includes replacement foam filter sets for the brand’s most popular koi pond filters. Find filter media to use with everything from the Oase Filtoclear 6000 through to the Oase Filtoclear 20000 and 30000 models. Depending on the model you have, you’ll need a different quantity of filter foams, so always read the instructions on your filter to make sure you’re purchasing exactly what you need, or contact us if you’re unsure. 

Our Filtoclear filter media replacement foam sets include both coarse and fine foam filter pads made to the same specification and from the same materials as Oase originals - they’re designed to perform exactly the same function. 

Most of our Oase Filtoclear filter media comes in sets, but we also stock single coarse filter foams and single fine filter foams to use with your Oase Filtoclear filter. 

At Finest Filters, we also stock our very own own-brand range of filter media for use with Blagdon, Laguna, and more leading filter brands. Discover our full collection of pond filter media.  

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