FishMate Pond Filter Media

FishMate Pond Filter Media

Discover a range of Fishmate pond filter media at Finest Filters to keep your garden pond filter functioning efficiently. Fishmate is one of the leading pond filter brands, and you can stay stocked up with replacement foams by shopping the compatible-with-Fishmate collection from Finest Filters. 

We stock a range of Fishmate filter media including replacement filter foams for use with the Fishmate 2500/5000 PUV Pond Filters. It’s recommended that these are changed every 6 months to keep your filter working at its best, removing as much debris, waste, and other contaminants from your pond’s water as possible.

What’s more, we sell Fishmate pond filter media that’s designed to be compatible with the Fishmate PowerClenz 10000 and 15000 models. You’ll get 4 replacement Fishmate filter foams in each set, but bear in mind that these aren’t Fishmate products, but our own alternative that’s fully compatible with your branded pond filter. We make many of our own-brand filter media products, which are shipped from our UK warehouse direct to your home.

Our collection also features Fishmate 30000 spares and Fishmate 45000 spares in the form of replacement filter foams. These Finest Filters’ own-brand products are designed to be used with your Fishmate PowerClenz 30000 or 45000 pressurised pond filter. Each set contains 4 x replacement foams, so should keep you well stocked for over a year.

Fishmate filter media is just one of the types of At Finest Filters, we also stock pond filter media for use with Blagdon, TetraTec, SunSun, and Oase pond filters. Shop our full collection of pond filter media today.

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