Blagdon Minipond Filter Media

Blagdon Minipond Filter Media

Stock up on replacement filter media to use with your Blagdon Minipond garden pond filter. At Finest Filters, we stock spare filter foams for different Blagdon models, including the Blagdon Minipond filter 4500 and the Blagdon Minipond filter 6000. Shop our full collection of Blagdon Minipond filter media today. 

We’ve created this Blagdon Minipond filter media using the same materials and specifications as the brand itself, so you can experience the same fantastic quality. We stock replacement filter media for the Blagdon Minipond filter 4500/9000, 2000, and 6000/12000; whichever model you have, you’ll find pre-filter foams and more to use with your pond filter at Finest Filters. 

Our Blagdon Minipond Compatible Range

Buy pre-filter foam that will stop debris blocking the impeller or fountain attachment of your Blagdon Minipond pond filter, and find sets of three compatible foams that combine both coarse and fine foams in one handy set. What’s more, our Blagdon Minipond filter media collection also contains a carbon and wool set to use with your garden pond filter to help keep the water as clear as possible, and your fish and other wildlife thriving.  

Find all the replacement filter media you need to keep your Blagdon Minipond kit working efficiently, and check out our full collection of pond filter media, which also includes filter foams compatible with Oase, Laguna, and more leading brands. We stock high-quality aquarium filter media too. Got a question about any of our products? Contact us here -  we’d love to hear from you.

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