Replacement UV Bulbs

Replacement UV Bulbs

UV pond bulbs are a safe way to clarify pond water and remove algae. As with any light source, UV pond bulbs will need replacing over time. Choosing your replacement UV pond bulbs will come down to the type of UV filter system you have. UV pond bulbs, again like any bulbs, have various types of fittings and come in different wattages.

UV pond bulbs work by removing algae from the water as it passes through the light source. The UV rays destroy the DNA and the algae dies. To make sure your UV clarifier or steriliser is working at maximum capacity, it is wise to check the bulbs regularly. When UV pond bulbs lose some of their power, some of the high levels of UV light could be lost too, resulting in algae growth. 

Finest Filters has a large selection of replacement UV bulbs, including a 24W UV Bulb with PLL Fitting, which fits many of the leading types of steriliser. We also have replacement UV bulbs for the popular Laguna Pressure Flo Filters, like the 20w 4 Pin UV Bulb, which is suitable for the Laguna Pressure Flo 8000

Always check which wattage and type of fitting your filter system needs before purchasing UV pond bulbs to make sure you get the right ones. If in doubt, please contact us and we can guide you through the replacement UV bulbs we have in stock.

You can also find information about filters and how to care for your pond in both winter and summer by taking a look at our helpful guides. 

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