Pressurised Pond Filters

Pressurised Pond Filters

Using a filter in your pond is a good way of keeping water clean and fresh, but you can do more with pressurised pond filters than just maintaining healthy water. A pond filter doesn’t encourage water movement, so still water will take longer to cycle through. If there’s no life in the water, this might not be a problem, but it also means bacteria can infect the water easier, so a pressurised pond filter is the best solution.

A pressurised pond filter is able to draw water into the filter to be cleaned. This provides some circulation to make sure as much liquid as possible passes through the pond pressurised filter. Even better, if you want to include a waterfall or fountain feature, pressurised pond filters can even lift water to a limited extent, reducing the amount of pond equipment you might need to bring your vision to life.

To improve water circulation, a pond air pump or hose can be useful, especially if your pond has running water and elevation changes, but using pressurised pond filters can easily support these features, and the Pressurised Auto Cleaning Pond Filter with UV Steriliser Clarifier is a great choice for clear, clean water.

A pond filter pressurised to continuously ensure water passers through the filter is helpful to fish and other wildlife, which is part of the appeal of having a pond in your garden in the first place. Whether you have fish in the pond, or allow wildlife to find their own way to it naturally, clean water in a safe location will not only make your garden more attractive and healthy, but a vibrant ecosystem in its own right.

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  1. Pressurised Auto Cleaning Pond Filter with UV Steriliser Clarifier - 8 Sizes
    Pressurised Auto Cleaning Pond Filter with UV Steriliser Clarifier - 8 Sizes
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    High quality automatic cleaning pressurised pond filters with UV sterilisers suitable for ponds up to 80,000 litres.

    These filters are available in a choice of 8 sizes to suit all sizes of ponds. Please see details below for detailed specifications for each model.

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