Pond Treatments

Pond Treatments

Pond treatments make for a healthy and vibrant pond that looks great in the garden while attracting all sorts of wildlife to improve the ecosystem around it. Being exposed to the elements means there are plenty of reasons the pond might drive creatures away, and targeted pond treatments are the way to solve them.

Pond treatments cover a range of symptoms that can result in a pond looking dirty and uncared for. They can also make the whole area more suitable for wildlife looking for a safe and stable source of good water. You can establish which pond treatments you need by simply looking at the surface of the pond and anything that’s collecting there, or by testing a sample of the water.

Unsightly green water can be easily remedied with Barley Straw Pouches that act as a blanket weed treatment. Pond water can also be contaminated with parasitic infections like White Spot and Chilodonella. Choose pond treatments such as MT Labs FMG Mixture or NT Labs Formaldehyde to treat these kinds of problems. 

Pond treatments can also help to look after the health of your fish, not just the water. NT Labs Flukasol treats skin and gill flukes on fish, while NT Labs Argusol helps with anchor worm, fish lice, and other crustacean parasites. Pond treatments have been created to make pond maintenance easier and to deal with a number of common concerns for pond owners. Browse the range at Finest Filteres and choose one of our formulated pond treatments.

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  1. Cloverleaf Sludge Answer
    Cloverleaf Sludge Answer
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    Cloverleaf Sludge Answer is the answer to a build up of sludge at the bottom of your pond.

    With its live beneficial bacterial culture, Sludge Answer helps to bio degrade harmful solids that build up in the pond and filter. This sludge build up can be a breeding ground for harmful pathogenic bacteria and reduce the amount of saturated oxygen in the pond water.

    Sludge Answer is highly recommended for use during warm weather when the oxygen levels in the pond water are naturally low.

    Sludge Answer should also be used after additives such as blanket weed treatments have been added to the pond as it will reduce the residue left after the blanket weed treatment has been dosed.

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