Pond Hose Connectors

Find all the pond hose fittings you need at Finest Filters, including pond hose connectors in a variety of different sizes. Your pond hose plays a key role in carrying water from your pond pump to your pond filter, which is essential for keeping the water in your pond clean, and your fish healthy and thriving. Therefore, a reliable pond hose connector is just as important to make sure all the pieces of your pond hose and other pond equipment can be safely connected.

Our collection of fish pond hose connectors includes 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm fittings, so there’s plenty of choice depending on the size of your hose. We also stock the Ista Hose Adapter/Reducer, which allows you to reduce or adapt a 16mm hose to a 12mm hose and vice versa, helping to reduce the risk of leaks. Pond hose connectors, for example Inline Valve Hose Connectors, can also help to mend leaks or cut off the water while repairs are carried out.

Many of the pond hose connectors from Finest Filters can be used with either black ribbed pond hose or clear, flexible PVC tube. This includes Hose Mender Straight Connectors for joining two straight pieces of hose together. If you need to connect three pieces of hose together or fix a leak, then pond hose connectors from Tee Piece come in 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, or 25mm and could be just what you need. 

You will likely need a pipe clip or jubilee clip to secure your pond hose connector to your hose. At Finest Filters, you’ll find a range of pond hose clips, as well as lengths of pond hose itself. Shop our full collection of pond hoses, clips, and connectors today.

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