Pond Construction

Pond Construction

Pond construction can be a big project, but with careful planning and the right materials, you can have a garden pond for your fish quite quickly. Pond design and construction should be about the fish you want, the space they need, and how it will fit into your garden to become a natural, thriving, and enjoyable habitat.

With any pond construction project, you should think about exactly what you need to make it liveable for your pets. Simply digging a hole and filling it with water isn't enough - you need to make sure it is lined properly so the water doesn’t drain into the ground, and a good filter system is needed to keep the water clean and fresh. Garden pond construction can also involve moving water features, such as fountains or waterfalls for circulation, and then there’s fauna and other additions to make it more lifelike.

There are different parts of fish pond construction you should consider, such as how big it will be, how it will be lined, what the edges will be like, and more. Pond design and construction can take many forms, from creating a pond that looks like a natural pool to a more ornamental body of water. As long as you have ways to keep the water fresh and clean, the fish will thrive - but you may need to be aware of predators and ways to keep your pets safe.

Pond construction is a great project for anyone looking to add vibrancy and a working ecosystem to their garden. This will attract other wildlife and give animals a safe haven. Add the right fauna and features to attract a range of animals to complement your fish pond.

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  1. HDPE Pond Liner & Underlay Combo (Various Sizes)
    HDPE Pond Liner & Underlay Combo (Various Sizes)
    Out of stock

    Finest-Filters Quality HDPE Pond Liner complete with underlay. In stock in our UK warehouse ready for immediate shipping!

    This is a fantastic quality liner, fully UV and tear resistant and guaranteed for 25 years when correctly installed.

    Our liners are available in many different sizes – please select the size required from the drop down menu when ordering. Please Note: underlay may be supplied in two pieces for some of the larger sizes, but liner is always supplied as one piece.

    Our underlay is one of the thickest and best quality on the market which is manufactured to ensure optimal protection to your liner. Our underlay is 140 grams per square meter.

    We also have the larger sizes of liner available for collection from our store. Please contact us here for more information.

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