Biological Media

Biological Media

Effective biological filtration is incredibly important for a healthy underwater ecosystem. This is where bio balls come in. Aquariums and ponds need beneficial bacteria to grow and balance out any harmful debris in the water. Bio balls are designed in a very specific way to increase the surface area that good bacteria can cling to. The large surface area of the bio balls is down the ridges and crevices that you can see all over them. This gives good bacteria more places to settle; if there is more space for this good bacteria to grow, there will be better biological filtration.

You will need to choose your mechanical filter media first, to ensure that superficial waste is removed effectively. Bio balls do not remove large pieces of decay in the aquarium, but filter out small particles and reduce the production of harmful chemicals like ammonia. Having a mechanical filter media system in place helps bio balls to do their job more effectively. Find out more about pond and aquarium filtration.

Bio balls from Finest Filters can be used in aquariums and ponds alike. They come in two sizes depending on the size of your fish tank or pond. The smallest bio balls we stock are 26mm and are available in packs of 250, 500 or 1,000. For an even larger surface area, try the 32mm bio balls. The smaller packs of 150 are ideal for aquarium owners, while those looking for bio balls for ponds can choose the largest option of 3,000 balls. Browse bio balls for your pond or aquarium now.

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