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Finest Filters has a range of TetraTec filters that are compatible with the TetraTec EX filter models. TetraTec produces some of the most popular external filters for aquariums, and we stock many types of TetraTec filters to fit several of the TetraTec filter models.

TetraTec filters are designed to filter water through a five-step process that includes a variety of filter media. At Finest Filters, we stock the biological filter foam and filter floss pads that can be used as part of the EX Tetractec filter systems. The biological filter foam is vital for the growth of good bacteria in your fish tank, while the filter floss pads remove fine particles from the water to keep it clean and clear. 

Filter floss pads need replacing roughly every 8 weeks. A pack of 10 EX1200 compatible filter floss pads would therefore last a considerable amount of time at a low cost compared to standard TetraTec filter media replacements. We also have filter floss pads to fit the EX400, EX600 & EX700 TetraTec filters.

If it’s the biological TetraTec filter media that needs replacing, then we supply an identical foam that fits into the top TetraTec filter models, including filter foams for EX400, EX600 and EX700 filters in packs of 2 or 4. We also have filter foams for the EX1200 model, again in packs of 2 or 4.

Finest Filters TetraTec filter media has been designed to fit perfectly into TetraTec filters and function exactly as branded TetraTec filter media would do. Our filters are a low-cost alternative with the same long-lasting quality. Shop TetraTec filters or browse other filter media now.

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