Hidom Compatible Filter Media

Hidom Compatible Filter Media

Discover an extensive range of Hidom aquarium filter media at Finest Filters, including both Hidom external filter options and Hidom internal filters. We also stock all the accessories you’ll need to go with your fish tank filter in our collection of Hidom-compatible products. Shop replacement foams for your Hidom internal filter, with 4-packs available for both 300 l/h (litre per hour) and 600 l/h fish tank filters. You can also stock up on replacement foam sponges for the Hidom Aquarium AP range in different sizes - these are designed to help prevent debris bypassing the aquarium filter chamber.

In addition, our Hidom aquarium filter range includes accessory packs that feature all the compatible add-ons you might need for your fish tank filter. These packs include replacement pieces of foam (you’ll get one piece of coarse black foam and one of fine blue foam), ceramic rings, and activated carbon in one handy set. As regular replacement of the filter media in your external canister filter is recommended to keep your model running at its best, make sure you have these spares to hand at all times.

Before buying any accessories or filter media for use with your Hidom aquarium filter, always check the specific model you have to make sure you’re buying compatible products. We stock Hidom filter media sets for the EX-1000, EX-1200, and EX-1500 Hidom external filters.

Hidom is just one of the fish tank filter brands you’ll find at Finest Filters. Shop our full collection of aquarium filter media for your home aquarium today.

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  1. Hidom EX 1000/1200/1500 Replacement Filter Foams
    Hidom EX 1000/1200/1500 Replacement Filter Foams

    This set contains 1 x coarse blue foam and 1 x fine black foam suitable for the Hidom EX-1000, EX-1200 and EX-1500 external canister filters.

    These filter foams play an important part in mechanically and biologically filtering your aquarium water. Over time, the filter foams can become blocked and start to break down, and should be replaced when this happens to keep your filter running at its best.

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