Fluval U Internal Filters

Fluval U Internal Filters

Discover Fluval filter replacement supplies to use with your Fluval aquarium or fish tank filter from Finest Filters. We stock filter media and spares for popular models including the Fluval U1, Fluval U2 filters, Fluval U3, and Fluval U4 filters. Explore our full collection of Fluval filter replacement parts today. 

We stock replacement filter media for all four sizes in the Fluval U range of internal aquarium filters. Our Fluval filter replacement range includes compatible foam filter pads, polycarbon filter cartridges, and Biomax. It’s recommended that the foam filter pads inside your Fluval fish tank filter are changed every 3-6 months, so stay well-stocked with our handy, cost-effective replacements. Every item in our Fluval filter replacement media collection is made from the same material that Fluval itself uses, so you can be sure you won’t be compromising on quality. 

Alongside foam filter pads, you can also pick up polycarbon filter cartridges to use with the Fluval U2, Fluval U3, and Fluval U4 filters. These cartridges have a polyester side for mechanical filtration, as well as a carbon-impregnated side for chemical filtration. It’s also important to replace these regularly to keep your filter functioning at its best. We even stock Fluval filter replacement media sets, which include both polycarbon cartridges and foam filter pads in one handy pack. 

Meanwhile, our Finest Filters Biomax is another great product to use with your Fluval U2, U3, or U4 pond filter. This Biomax has a high surface area to support the rapid colonisation and growth of beneficial bacteria for your fish tank. These good bacteria play a key role in breaking down ammonia and nitrate in your aquarium’s water to support good water quality. 

Shop our full collection of aquarium filter media, or contact us if you have a question about any of our products.

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