AquaManta Compatible Filter Media

AquaManta Compatible Filter Media

AquaManta Filters are well respected for their effectiveness and energy efficiency. Replacing the AquaManta filter media when necessary means your AquaManta Filters will continue to provide premium filtration. A properly filtered aquarium is essential for the health of your aquatic life and an important part of the filtration system is filter media. Good quality filter media removes toxins and contaminants from your water and blocks larger pieces of debris from damaging your system. AquaManta filters are a high-quality, efficient choice for aquarium owners. Along with other aquarium equipment such as air pumps and wavemakers, filtration provides optimal water conditions. 

If you’re looking for AquaManta filters, Finest Filters offers a complete range of compatible replacement AquaManta filter media. Our affordable alternatives are suitable for AquaManta EFX200, EFX300, EFX400 and EFX600 models. We sell fine, medium, and coarse filter foam pads, as well as phosphate removal filter pads. High levels of waste in your tank can increase the phosphate levels, and if phosphate isn’t successfully removed, it can lead to quick outbreaks of algae. Luckily, our phosphate removal pads are great for reducing the levels and preventing this issue. 

Our replacement wool pads are also made from the same material as the original AquaManta filter media. These should be placed in the final filter chamber as they will polish the water before it is returned to the aquarium.

Browse our range below to find compatible AquaManta filter media. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment to keep your ecosystem in tip-top shape, take a look at our full range of aquarium equipment designed to provide the best environment for your fish.

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  1. 5 x Compatible AquaManta EFX 300 / 400 Replacement Fine Wool Pads
    5 x Compatible AquaManta EFX 300 / 400 Replacement Fine Wool Pads
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    Finest-Filters replacement Compatible AquaManta filter pads are made from the same material as the AquaManta originals - and are machine cut to size.

    These filter pads are suitable for the EFX 300 / 400 External Filters, but are not original parts. Use of non original spare parts may invalidate your warranty.

    You are purchasing QTY 5 Compatible Poly Filter Pads.

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