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Aquarium filter media is absolutely essential for the health of your aquarium. If you’re looking to keep your ecosystem in great shape, it is important that you choose the correct filter media to prevent your fish tank from becoming unhealthy. Interested in buying new filter media? Take a look at our range here!

Filter media changes the quality of the water passing through the filter and helps to create an optimal environment which meets your fish’s needs. We have a range of mechanical, chemical and biological filter media, and have products to suit any tank and its needs. Looking for filter media to fit Fluval filters? The Fluval filter makes keeping and maintaining fish tanks easy. All Fluval filter media is available for the Fluval U range of filters. Other important media include carbon filter media which is designed to remove toxins and discoloration from the water. So, next time you find your tank water looking a little yellow and stained then carbon filter media will stop this problem. Phosphate removers are also important as phosphates are a factor in the build up of algae in your tank.

Shop the range of aquarium filter media below for a healthy, contaminant free fish tank. If you have any questions about the different types of filter media on offer, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

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  1. Biomax Ceramic Rings - Fluval Compatible
    Biomax Ceramic Rings - Fluval Compatible
    As low as £4.99

    Finest Filters Biomax is made to the same specification as the Fluval original Biomax. These biomax rings measure approximately 20mm x 18mm in size.

    This product is packed in 500g bags, and we offer QTY savings on the more bags that are purchased. Please select the weight required from the drop-down menu when ordering. This filter media will be supplied in individual 500g bags equating to the amount ordered.

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  2. Hidom EX 1000/1200/1500 Replacement Filter Foams
    Hidom EX 1000/1200/1500 Replacement Filter Foams

    This set contains 1 x coarse blue foam and 1 x fine black foam suitable for the Hidom EX-1000, EX-1200 and EX-1500 external canister filters.

    These filter foams play an important part in mechanically and biologically filtering your aquarium water. Over time, the filter foams can become blocked and start to break down, and should be replaced when this happens to keep your filter running at its best.

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  3. Compatible Fluval FX2 FX4 FX5 FX6 Carbon Filter Pads
    Compatible Fluval FX2 FX4 FX5 FX6 Carbon Filter Pads
    Out of stock

    The Finest Filters replacement activated carbon impregnated foam filter pads are compatible with the Fluval FX2, FX4, FX5 and FX6 range of external filters.

    These carbon impregnated pads capture micro particles as the water passes through. The added carbon removes odour, discoloration, as well as heavy metals and organic contaminants, giving crystal clear water in your aquarium.

    Available in various quantities from the dropdown menu.

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  4. Inlet/Intake Strainer Pre-Filter Foams Course & Fine
    Inlet/Intake Strainer Pre-Filter Foams Course & Fine
    As low as £6.99

    Pack of 2 intake pre filter foams ideal for use with external canister filter inlets.

    Each foam measures 120mm long, 60mm total diameter and internal hole 15mm diameter. The foams are sealed on one end and open on the other. The hole can be widened for larger intake tubes if required.

    The coarse 25ppi foams are ideal for general use, and the 40ppi are ideal for tanks with very small fish such as fry or shrimp aquariums.

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  5. Ista Peat Moss 500ml
    Ista Peat Moss 500ml
    Out of stock

    Ista peat moss contains essential trace elements and can steadily and slowly turn the water to be slightly acidic. It is also able to soften the water which can prevent the growth of algae and induce fish spawning. Peat moss also helps to enhance the colour of the fish.

    Ideal for tetras, discus fish and other South American cichlids who prefer a slightly lower pH and softer water.
    The peat moss is supplied in a filter media bag, which can simply be placed inside the aquarium filter. The filter bag contains 500ml of peat moss.
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