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Aquarium filter media is absolutely essential for the health of your aquarium. If you’re looking to keep your ecosystem in great shape, it is important that you choose the correct filter media to prevent your fish tank from becoming unhealthy. Interested in buying new filter media? Take a look at our range here!

Filter media changes the quality of the water passing through the filter and helps to create an optimal environment which meets your fish’s needs. We have a range of mechanical, chemical and biological filter media, and have products to suit any tank and its needs. Looking for filter media to fit Fluval filters? The Fluval filter makes keeping and maintaining fish tanks easy. All Fluval filter media is available for the Fluval U range of filters. Other important media include carbon filter media which is designed to remove toxins and discoloration from the water. So, next time you find your tank water looking a little yellow and stained then carbon filter media will stop this problem. Phosphate removers are also important as phosphates are a factor in the build up of algae in your tank.

Shop the range of aquarium filter media below for a healthy, contaminant free fish tank. If you have any questions about the different types of filter media on offer, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

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  1. Compatible Fluval 100g Carbon Pouch Bags for External Filters Fish Tank Aquarium
    Compatible Fluval 100g Carbon Pouch Bags for External Filters Fish Tank Aquarium
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    Our 100g carbon bags are packed in nylon mesh bags ready for easy addition to your external canister filter. These bags are made as a compatible filter to the Fluval 100g bags, and will fit all Fluval external filter models including the 04, 05, 06, 07 and FX series. This activated carbon can also be used in other brand external filters with no problems.

    Please select the number of 100g bags you require from the drop down menu when ordering.

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