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Find reptile accessories to enhance your reptile tank at Finest Filters, including jungle climbing vines, reptile thermometers, and more. Create fun play opportunities for your pets, and monitor their environment with our range of reptile accessories designed for both practicality and entertainment.

Our flexible jungle climbing vines are suitable for lizards, frogs, and other reptiles, and come in a variety of different thicknesses. Add these to your reptile tank to recreate a natural habitat for your reptile, providing them with extra opportunities for play, travel, and entertainment - reptile accessories don’t get much more versatile than this.

If you’re looking for a reptile thermometer for your reptile tank, vivarium, or terrarium, our thermo-hygrometers are a great option, as they can measure humidity levels from 20-100%, and temperatures on a broad scale, ranging from -30°C to 50°C. This choice of reptile thermometer is therefore suitable for a huge variety of species, making it a good all-rounder with a high degree of accuracy.

Our collection of reptile accessories also includes finishing touches for your reptile tank, such as our Ceramic Lamp Holder with Switch. Don’t forget essentials like this when you’re setting up your tank for your gecko, bearded dragon, or snake - having easy access to an on/off switch for your reptile lamp can make all the difference. This model can be used with both light and heat bulbs, making it wonderfully versatile. At Finest Filters, you’ll find more reptile accessories such as heat cables, fluorescent bulbs, heat mats, and more. Shop our full collection of high-quality reptile products today.

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