Reptile Heat Mats

Reptile Heat Mats

Shop a brilliant range of heat mats for reptiles at Finest Filters and heat your vivarium to the optimum temperature for your reptile pets. Our reptile heat mat collection features a variety of heat mats of different wattages, as well as temperature-adjustable mats in different sizes. Browse our full lizard heat mat range today.

Our high-quality reptile heat mats are available in a choice of 7 sizes, depending on the size of the tank you’re heating. These are 5w, 7w, 14w, 20w, 28w, 35w, and 45w. Check the exact measurements of the reptile heat mat you’re buying before purchasing to make sure you’re getting the right one for your vivarium. 

Our heat mats for reptiles are designed to be used both underneath glass tanks and inside wooden vivariums. The level of heat that reptile heat mats give off is gentle - under normal use, it will not burn your animal. You’ll also receive a 3-pin UK plug and a 1.3-metre cable with each of our lizard heat mats.

We also stock temperature-adjustable PVC heat mats for reptiles that are easy to control to find the ideal level of warmth for your pet. These mats are made from PVC, which makes them splash-proof. If you’re looking for a reptile heating mat with thermostat functionality our Reptile Adjustable Heat Mats are a great choice, as they’ll easily connect to your thermostat or temperature controller.

Create the optimal environment for your pets with a high-quality reptile heat mat from Finest Filters. Our collection of reptile products also includes reptile heat bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and heat cables in a variety of lengths. Shop now.

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  1. Reptile Vivarium PVC Temp Adjustable Heat Mats (4 Sizes)
    Reptile Vivarium PVC Temp Adjustable Heat Mats (4 Sizes)
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    Our high quality PVC heat mats come with a handy temperature controller and are available in a choice of 4 sizes (10w, 20w, 30w and 40w). Please select the required model from the drop down menu above when ordering.

    Due to being manufactured from PVC, these heat mats are splash proof. The temperature adjustment allows for basic regulation of the temperature in your vivarium. These heat mats can also be used with a temperature controller/thermostat.

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  2. 5w Reptile Heat Mat Vivarium Heating
    5w Reptile Heat Mat Vivarium Heating
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    Our high quality reptile heat mats are available in a choice of 7 sizes (5w, 7w, 14w, 20w, 28w, 35w and 45w). You are purchasing the 5w model.

    These heat mats can be used underneath glass vivariums and inside wooden vivariums, and provide a gentle heat which under normal use will not burn your animal.

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