Reptile Heat Cables

Reptile Heat Cables

Shop a selection of reptile heat cables for heating a home vivarium at Finest Filters. Whether you keep snakes, lizards, or other pets that need tropical temperatures to thrive, check out our selection of heat cables.

Our reptile heat cables are available in a range of different wattages and lengths, depending on the size of your tank and how many animals you’re keeping warm. Choose from a 15w heat cable measuring 3 metres long, a 25w cable at 3.5 metres, a 50w reptile heat cable at 6 metres, or an 80w cable at 9 metres long.

Our durable heat cables are waterproof and extremely flexible, allowing you to concentrate the heat to exactly where it’s needed in your vivarium; wrap them around branches or simply run them through your tank to recreate a tropical setting in a corner of your home.

Use our reptile heat cables for a single or multi-enclosure set-up, a reptile tank, or a snake rack. Our cables are around 4mm thick, and each one comes with a 3 pin UK plug.

Please note that you should always use a thermostat in conjunction with reptile heat cables to prevent any of your tanks or animals from overheating. Our Hygrometer and Thermometer for Reptile Habitats is a good choice for accurate temperature and humidity readings to help you create optimal conditions for your pets.

Our collection of reptile products also includes heat mats, heat bulbs, and a variety of accessories, including jungle climbing vines. Browse our full range of reptile products today.

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