Fluidised Reactors

Fluidised Reactors

Fluidised reactors are an extra level of reassurance for your aquarium filtration. They help push water through the filter media to make sure that adequate filtration takes place. There are a few types of aquarium reactors that perform various functions. For example, calcium reactors add calcium into the water, which is beneficial for coral and other aquarium life. Fluidised aquarium reactors are typically used for biological filtration and are able to enhance both aerobic and anaerobic filtration. Fluidised reactors can therefore cultivate bacteria that requires oxygen or that needs starving of oxygen. This is one of the great benefits of using fluidised aquarium reactors.

At Finest Filters, we sell a huge selection of aquarium filter media, including fluidised reactors for marine tanks. You will need to make sure there is adequate space on your tank for the fluidised reactor as they sit externally, often being hung on the back of your tank. Aquarium reactors can also be placed in the sump if you are using one. A single fluidised reactor is usually sufficient for smaller tanks, but you can also use multiple aquarium reactors for larger aquariums to ensure you are getting the right amount of filtration for a healthy aquarium environment.

Maintaining good filtration, testing pH levels, and cleaning your tank are all ways that you can look after your aquarium, and keep plant life and fish healthy and flourishing. Contact us for more information on making fluidised reactors part of your aquarium set-up, or shop fluidised aquarium reactors to get started.   

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