Fish Food Supplements

Fish Food Supplements

Discover fish food supplements to enhance your fishes’ diets and ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need to thrive and stay healthy at Finest Filters. Our marine fish food supplements shouldn’t be a replacement for regular fish food, as your fish will still need a regular diet of fish food flakes, granules, or pellets. However, supplements can enhance their diet, providing them with additional nutrients, so it’s a good idea to incorporate them into your feeding schedule regularly.

At Finest Filters, our range of fish food supplements includes Aquaforest Garlic Oil, a natural supplement made from garlic extract. This supplement contains omega-3, fish oil, vitamins, and natural antibiotics to help strengthen your fishes’ immune systems against viruses and parasites. It’s advised that fish are given this supplement during periods of treatment and quarantine. The recommended dose of garlic oil for your fish is 1 drop with a portion of their food, 2-3 times a week. Aquaforest Garlic Oil comes in a 50ml bottle, so should last you a while.

When choosing fish food supplements, you may want to look for products that contain vitamin C, which supports the immune system of fish in a similar way to how it supports humans’. Your fish also need amino acids to support their general health and metabolism, so look for these when choosing a fish food supplement.

We also stock a range of marine supplements for your home aquarium, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium supplements, as well as products like Aquaforest Reef Probiotics. Browse our full range of marine supplements.

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