Granular Fish Food And Fish Food Pellets

Granular Fish Food And Fish Food Pellets

Shop granular fish food and fish food pellets to give your fish the nutrition they need at Finest Filters. Our collection includes floating pellets, sinking granular fish food, and sinking spirulina wafers.

Fish food pellets typically contain added vitamins and minerals alongside the protein your fish need to feel satisfied. Our Tropical Floating Pellets are a good option for top-feeding tropical fish species, such as tetras, guppies, and rainbowfish. This particular brand of pellet fish food is brightly coloured, which means you can easily see any dropped pellets when cleaning your fish tank. Different-sized fish food pellets are available depending on the species of fish that you’re feeding, with 0.8mm pellets best for smaller species, and 3mm and 6mm pellets for slightly bigger tropical fish, such as cichlids.

Granular fish food tends to soften quickly once it’s submerged in water, making it easy for your fish to consume, and our sinking fish food granules are a good choice for bottom-feeding fish, such as corys, plecos, and catfish. Our Tropical Sinking Granules are around 0.6mm in size and contain ingredients including fish meal, wheat flour, starch, brine shrimp, wheat germ meal, soybean meal, and a multivitamin. Meanwhile, our Spirulina Wafers Sinking Algae Fish Food is a good option if you want to help boost the immune system of bottom-feeding fish.

Our fish food pellets and granular fish food are available in a variety of sizes from 100g pouches to 5kg bags, meaning you can stock up as much as you need to, depending on how many fish you have in your home aquarium. We also stock flake fish food and fish food supplements to further support your pets’ diet. Explore our full range of fish food today.

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    Spirulina Wafers Sinking Algae Fish Food
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    Finest Aquatics Spirulina Wafers are ideal for feeding to bottom-feeding fish such as plecos, catfish, corys etc.

    A very good food for also boosting your fish's immune system.

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