Freeze Dried Fish Food

Freeze Dried Fish Food

Freeze dried fish food is a great way to supplement a healthy diet, or add some variety to the food you feed your fish. While there are many types of fish food to choose from, it’s important to know exactly what your pets need to be healthy, and this differs from species to species. This means the best freeze dried fish food varies, and having a range will prepare you for every feeding time.

Some people compare frozen fish food with freeze dried fish food, but they are two very different things - and they’re not used the same way. Frozen fish food is made up of different pieces and packed full of nutrients, which retain more of their benefits through the freezing process, while freeze dried fish food is generally one ingredient and not enough to fulfil a healthy diet on its own.

When it comes to freeze dried fish food vs frozen, the main thing to remember is that frozen food can be used as a diet for the fish it is made for - but the best freeze dried fish food can still supplement this for treats or extra nutrition. Freeze dried food is less of a pollutant for the water if it remains uneaten or takes longer to consume, as most of its moisture is removed during the drying process, which is worth keeping in mind.

There are different kinds of freeze dried fish food to choose from to appeal to different types of fish. Bloodworm, seaweed sheets, plankton, earthworms, and shrimp cubes are all available, and they can be crumbled to smaller amounts to make them easier to consume or to allow you to use less when needed.

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  1. Freeze Dried Plankton
    Freeze Dried Plankton
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    Our high quality freeze dried plankton is a bite sized treat with a big punch for any freshwater or saltwater fish. This is an all-natural food which enhances colour and is remarkably healthy.

    Plankton's (Euphausia pacifica) unique nutritional qualities make it an almost perfect food for many fish. An excellent source of natural astaxanthin, it will bring out the natural colours of your fish.

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