Flake Fish Food

Flake Fish Food

Flake fish food is a popular choice for both the nutrients it contains and the convenience it offers for fish owners. At Finest Filters, we stock several types of fish flakes with various benefits suitable for both tropical and marine fish tanks. There are a number of types of fish food to choose from. Flake fish food is often favoured for aquarium fish as they are generally much smaller than those found in a pond. Fish flakes are small and are usually eaten very quickly by the fish so they don’t contribute to dirt and debris in the tank.

Our selection of flake fish food includes Brine Shrimp Flake Food, Spirulina Flake Food, and Garlic Flake Food. Brine flake shrimp food is a great choice for carnivorous fish, such as cichlids and marine fish, and is also a good tropical fish food. Spirulina fish flakes naturally enhance the colour of your fish and also help to boost immunity so are an all round fish flake food. Meanwhile, garlic flake food can be used as both a marine and a tropical fish food and can help improve the feeding response for picky fish who may not enjoy other foods. The garlic included in the garlic fish flakes also has immunity boosting properties that can contribute to disease prevention for your fish.

It’s important when using fish flakes to make sure you do not overfeed your fish or put too many flakes in the tank. Even with high quality aquarium filtration, you can still end up with algae if there’s an excess of waste products from too much flake fish food. If this does happen, make sure you know how to effectively clean your fish tank. Shop Finest Filters flake fish food or please get in touch to ask us which fish flakes are best for your aquarium fish.

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  1. Tropical Flake Fish Food (100g / 200g / 500g / 1kg)
    Tropical Flake Fish Food (100g / 200g / 500g / 1kg)
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    Finest Aquatics Tropical Flakes are tasty and nutritious flakes for all common tropical ornamental fish. These protein rich flakes offer all fish the opportunity to easily take up their food. The used ingredients are highly digestible and help to maintain a good water quality.

    This is a complete feed with all vitamins and minerals required for daily use and a balanced amino acid and fatty acid profile. The high level of stable vitamin C promotes a good health and increases disease resistance.

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  2. Brine Shrimp Flake Food
    Brine Shrimp Flake Food
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    Finest Aquatics Brine Shrimp Flake Food is an ideal fish food for both tropical and marine fish alike.

    This quality flake food is manufactured from a very high concentration of brine shrimp.

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  3. Garlic Flake Food
    Garlic Flake Food
    As low as £4.99

    Our high quality garlic flake is ideal for all fish in your aquarium, and is considered one of the best food for discus and all tropical and marine fish.

    Garlic enriched foods are well known to boost the immune system of fish, providing greater disease resistance.

    Also a great food to get picky fich feeding on flake as the garlic flavor can increase the feeding response. 

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