Fish Food

Fish Food

Feeding your fish the correct nutrients is absolutely essential in order to keep them as healthy as possible. Providing all the nutrients they need will make sure they have a healthy life, free of health issues. Luckily, we have a range of fish food that enables you to choose the best feed possible for your pond and aquarium. Ready to keep your ecosystem in tip-top shape? Read more about the fish food we have on offer below.

Finest Filters offers a complete range of top-quality fish food for all your finned friends. Our range of fish food means you can choose food which is suitable for cold water fish, as well as tropical fish. We have flake fish food which is best for common oriental fish. We also have spirulina wafers pelleted fish food which are ideal for feeding to bottom-feeding fish such as plecos, catfish, and cory’s. Looking for freeze dried fish food for some added convenience? We have that on sale too. 

Interested in getting the best food for your fish? You can enjoy free UK shipping with no minimum order quantity, as well as same-day despatch on orders placed before 4pm. To begin browsing our range of fish food, please select a category below and find the food which is most suitable for your fish. If you’d like to know about how to keep your fish nice and healthy, feel free to give us a call on 0151 261 9207.

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  1. Tropical Flake Fish Food (100g / 200g / 500g / 1kg)
    Tropical Flake Fish Food (100g / 200g / 500g / 1kg)
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    Finest Aquatics Tropical Flakes are tasty and nutritious flakes for all common tropical ornamental fish. These protein rich flakes offer all fish the opportunity to easily take up their food. The used ingredients are highly digestible and help to maintain a good water quality.

    This is a complete feed with all vitamins and minerals required for daily use and a balanced amino acid and fatty acid profile. The high level of stable vitamin C promotes a good health and increases disease resistance.

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  2. Brine Shrimp Flake Food
    Brine Shrimp Flake Food
    100 % of 100
    As low as £5.49

    Finest Aquatics Brine Shrimp Flake Food is an ideal fish food for both tropical and marine fish alike.

    This quality flake food is manufactured from a very high concentration of brine shrimp.

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  3. Spirulina Wafers Sinking Algae Fish Food
    Spirulina Wafers Sinking Algae Fish Food
    100 % of 100
    As low as £4.49

    Finest Aquatics Spirulina Wafers are ideal for feeding to bottom-feeding fish such as plecos, catfish, corys etc.

    A very good food for also boosting your fish's immune system.

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  4. Freeze Dried Plankton
    Freeze Dried Plankton
    As low as £5.99

    Our high quality freeze dried plankton is a bite sized treat with a big punch for any freshwater or saltwater fish. This is an all-natural food which enhances colour and is remarkably healthy.

    Plankton's (Euphausia pacifica) unique nutritional qualities make it an almost perfect food for many fish. An excellent source of natural astaxanthin, it will bring out the natural colours of your fish.

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  5. Garlic Flake Food
    Garlic Flake Food
    As low as £4.99

    Our high quality garlic flake is ideal for all fish in your aquarium, and is considered one of the best food for discus and all tropical and marine fish.

    Garlic enriched foods are well known to boost the immune system of fish, providing greater disease resistance.

    Also a great food to get picky fich feeding on flake as the garlic flavor can increase the feeding response. 

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