PVC Tubing

PVC Tubing

Shop PVC tubing to use in your aquarium maintenance at Finest Filters. Our selection of flexible PVC tubing includes tubes of a variety of different lengths and thicknesses to use with your fish tank filter, UV steriliser, or for general home aquarium cleaning and maintenance. Take a look at our PVC tube collection to find what you’re looking for today - contact our team if you need a hand. 

PVC tubing can have many different uses, so it’s always useful to keep a few different PVC tubes at home just in case you find yourself needing a new piece. Find Ista PVC Hose Tubing with a diameter of 8mm, 12mm, or 16mm, or purchase an Ista Hose Adapter/Reducer to connect different sizes of PVC tube together, without any leaks. The Ista flexible PVC tubing we stock comes in a choice of lengths: 5ft (1.5 metre) or 10ft (3 metre).

Our PVC tubing collection also includes Green PVC Tubing in 12/16mm, 16/22mm, 19/27mm, and 25/34mm. This high-quality green aquatic hose can also be used for a variety of aquatic uses, and in maintenance. Note that the two measurements given for each piece of this green flexible PVC tubing refer firstly to the internal diameter of the hose, followed by the external diameter. 

PVC tubing is just one of the types of aquarium accessories you’ll find at Finest Filters, as we also have an extensive range of aquarium cleaning equipment, aquarium supplements, and lots more. Shop our full collection of aquarium equipment today. 

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