Aquarium Accessories

Aquarium Accessories

Discover miscellaneous yet essential and practical fish tank accessories, including aquarium cleaning equipment, water treatments, fish tank supplements, and more at Finest Filters. You’ll find everything you need to keep your fish tank - and your pet fish - in good condition in our online collection.

From aquarium maintenance kits to moss cultivation ceramic platforms and from fish tank thermometers to syphon kits, our range of aquarium accessories is extensive and varied. Whether you’re looking for the finishing touches to your fish tank in terms of decoration or a missing piece of equipment, you’ll find every aquarium accessory you can think of at Finest Filters. Whatever you’re buying, you can be sure that all of our fish tank accessories are totally aquatic safe.

Our aquarium accessories collection includes important cleaning equipment to help keep your fish tank clean, versatile PVC tubing, essential aquarium equipment spare parts, water treatments, and specialist aquarium supplements. These fish tank supplements include the likes of mineral salts for goldfish, and for tropical fish, as well as clarifying nitrifying bacteria, dechlorinator and ammonia removers, and CO2 tablets for your home aquarium. Meanwhile, the water treatments you’ll find in our aquarium accessories collection includes Ista Methylene Blue, which has been used by generations of fishkeepers over the years to combat fungal and bacterial infections in your fish tank.

If you’re looking for more fun, decorative fish tank accessories, check out our collection of aquarium ornaments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our aquarium accessories.

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  1. External Filter Booster - Add-On Filter (2 Sizes)
    External Filter Booster - Add-On Filter (2 Sizes)
    As low as £19.99

    Our external filter boosters are designed to be used alongside an existing external canister filter to quickly and easily increase your filtration volume. These filter canisters do not have a pump, so they are connected into the water exit line on your existing canister filter and pumped through this booster unit.

    These filter boosters are available in two different sizes. The small one holds 1.2 litres, and the large one 2.3 litres. They also have different pipe diameter connections.

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  2. Inlet/Intake Strainer Pre-Filter Foams Course & Fine
    Inlet/Intake Strainer Pre-Filter Foams Course & Fine
    As low as £6.99

    Pack of 2 intake pre filter foams ideal for use with external canister filter inlets.

    Each foam measures 120mm long, 60mm total diameter and internal hole 15mm diameter. The foams are sealed on one end and open on the other. The hole can be widened for larger intake tubes if required.

    The coarse 25ppi foams are ideal for general use, and the 40ppi are ideal for tanks with very small fish such as fry or shrimp aquariums.

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  3. ATM Mirage Non-Toxic Acrylic & Glass Cleaner
    ATM Mirage Non-Toxic Acrylic & Glass Cleaner
    Out of stock

    Mirage acrylic and glass cleaner offers worry free and efficient cleaning of the aquarium display and trim. It is 100% Non-Toxic and nothing cleans, polishes, and maintains the viewing experience of your aquarium quite like Mirage. Mirage, the #1 glass and acrylic cleaner guaranteed to do the job while leaving no streaks, repelling dust, water spots, and fingerprints.

    Bottle size: 8oz (236ml), all with handy spray pump lid.

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  4. Ista Vortex Water Flow Accelerator Outlet Nozzle
    Ista Vortex Water Flow Accelerator Outlet Nozzle
    As low as £14.99

    Ista Vortex Water Flow Accelerator are made from high quality plastic and can increase the outflow from the filter outlet by up to 400%. This increases the overall circulation in the aquarium, minimising deadspots.

    The Vortex Flow Accelerator has multiple flexible ball joints, allowing you to divert the flow any direction you wish.

    These Vortex Flow Accelerators are available in three BSP sizes; 1/2", 3/4" and 1".

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