Aquarium Air Curtains

Aquarium Air Curtains

Find an aquarium air curtain for your fish tank at Finest Filters, where you’ll find a variety of different sized aquarium air curtain bubble wall diffusers for use with your fish tank’s air pump. Shop our full collection today.

Bubbles are a fun feature in any home aquarium, and you can enjoy a guaranteed line of bubbles by investing in a fish tank air curtain. These aquarium accessories are designed to connect with your tank’s air pump via a standard airline in order to deliver a single line of bubbles along your aquarium. 

At Finest Filters, you can buy an air bubble curtain for your fish tank that measures 45cm, 90cm, or 105cm, depending on the size of your aquarium. Bear in mind that the air flow and subsequent number of bubbles you’ll get from your aquarium air curtain will ultimately depend on how deep your tank is, as well as the output of your aquarium air pump.

Although a fish tank air curtain isn’t an essential, it makes a fun water feature to add to your tank to create an extra point of interest that can be incredibly relaxing to look at. All of our aquarium air curtain bubble wall diffusers are high-quality products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best when you buy from Finest Filters.

It’s not just air bubble curtains that you’ll find in our collection; discover more fish tank air pump accessories, including air manifolds, air stones and bubble disks, and check valves. Explore our full range of aquarium air pump accessories.

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  1. Hepo Multicolour LED Bubble Wall
    Hepo Multicolour LED Bubble Wall
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    The Hepo submersible LED bubble lamps are a very effective way to add light and air bubbles to your aquarium. These LED units are very bright, yet energy efficient.

    All models are supplied with a remote control which allows you to change the colour of the LEDs in real time with a choice between 16 colours. The remote control also allows you to adjust the brightness of the light and set the mode of the light (Flash, Strobe, Fade or Smooth). The unit can also be turned on and off using the supplied remote control.

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