Air Pump Accessories

Air Pump Accessories

An air pump is a must-have for aquariums if you want to make sure oxygen keeps flowing. Supplementing your air pump with well chosen air pump accessories helps maximise this aeration and create a healthy environment for fish and plants. 

At Finest Filters, you’ll find a full range of aquarium pump accessories designed to make looking after your fish tank easy and efficient. Our selection includes air pump lines, which are particularly useful for larger tanks when you want to make sure oxygen is delivered to the correct area in your aquarium. For practical air pump accessories, we have simple check valves for sale to keep water flowing in one direction and stop any potential backfilling. 

For air pump accessories that also add a decorative element to your tank, you’ll find air stones and bubble disks, which improve water quality and come in various styles such as wooden blocks or designs that have LED lighting included. Air curtain bubble walls are another popular choice, creating an attractive line of bubbles that can be adapted to a shape of your choosing. To control the output on your air pump, you can also purchase an air pump manifold like the Ista Metal Air Splitter Valve Manifold, which comes with either two, three, four or five variable output valves.  

No matter the size or shape of your aquarium, an air pump and air pump accessories will keep it fresh and thriving. Find out more about using an air pump for your aquarium and browse our collection of aquarium pump accessories below. 

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